Why do we offer 24/7 contact?

Munckhof employees can be contacted by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer our clients this service because the transport services we provide are also available 24 hours a day. Whether they are a corporate traveller on the other side of the world with a problem relating to their trip or a client who we need to transport to his or her workplace by taxi at night; whenever Munckhof clients are on the move, we are available.

Always in contact with travellers

With the automation and digitization of many processes, 24/7 telephone contactability should - in theory - no longer be necessary. Nevertheless, we apply the policy that every traveller must be able to speak to a Munckhof employee if necessary. For corporate travel, our standby service is used mainly in cases of major delays or cancellations of flights, if the traveller has missed a flight or in emergency situations for which a new plan is required. Our employees then get to work straight away on finding an alternative for the traveller concerned. For taxi transport, our control centre is in constant contact with taxi drivers who are on the road. They also book taxi journeys for travellers who need to get to an airport at night or who need transport to their workplace for the night shift.

You call Munckhof, not India

The services we provide are characterized by a personal client approach. By devoting great attention to getting to know the client, we know what is important for the traveller and his or her wishes. We have incorporated all this information into client profiles that can be consulted by the employees concerned. We attach great importance to a personal approach and have therefore opted for the availability of our own employees at all times, including at night. At Munckhof, you don't end up talking to an external call centre in India if you call at night. 

Service and necessity!

The 24/7 telephone standby service is a service with great added value even in this digital age, and it is often also very necessary. Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to contact the corporate travel agency if you have an urgent problem. This service will therefore certainly continue to be offered in the future. What are your experiences with a 24-hour standby service?

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