We don't have passengers, we have guests

Munckhof regularly partners with airlines to organize airport events for clients. Past events include a behind-the-scenes tour of Groningen Airport Eelde and a tour of Düsseldorf Airport with Cathay Pacific. Last week, Munckhof and several clients were invited by Etihad Airways to take a tour of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Cabin crew with hotel training

During the visit, the guests were introduced to the services offered by Etihad. What makes this airline so special is that it sees travellers as guests and gives them the same treatment as hotel guests could expect. The cabin crew follows a hotel training programme and refers to passengers as guests. The airline also offers a high level of service in economy class. Guests on long-haul flights receive a large blanket and a high-quality pillow, which can also be used as a neck pillow. The airline offers an extensive entertainment programme, in-seat power outlets for charging electronic devices and the option to use Wi-Fi credit on the next flight. Business class offers seats that can be fully reclined into beds with a surprising amount of privacy.. The crew works in close consultation with a food and beverage manager and an in-flight chef, who prepares á la carte dishes.

Schiphol continues to grow

During the Schiphol visit, it became clear that the airport was growing. The renovation of Lounge 2 is in full swing, the fully renovated NS International Lounge was recently opened to the public and ambitious plans for a new pier were presented last week. All of these developments prove that Schiphol is committed to its continued growth and involvement in order to accommodate the growing number of travellers.

Corporate travel starts at the front door

At the end of the day, the guests were introduced to Munckhof's airport service. Munckhof recently opened its own taxi location in Zaandam, which proved to be a welcome addition for clients in the Randstad conurbation. Start and end your international trip safely, securely and in style with Munckhof's state-of-the-art corporate taxi vehicles. In addition to the regular meeting point at Schiphol, clients can also opt to be picked up at the Schiphol Transfer Assistance (STA) area in arrival hall 4.

Satisfied guests

During the closing reception at the Sheraton Hotel, the guests declared they were pleasantly surprised by the high standard of Etihad's economy and business classes. They were also surprised to discover how many facilities Schiphol offers its corporate travellers, such as the NS Lounge and conference rooms. We also introduced clients to the Munckhof taxi service.

All in all, we can look back on an extremely successful event. Munckhof plans to organize similar events in the future. If you'd like to attend, feel free to contact us.

Berdieke Veltkamp
Berdieke Veltkamp
Team Leader
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