Central security check at Schiphol – an improvement or a deterioration?

In the spring, Schiphol introduced its Central Security Check. This means no more safety checks at the gate but, instead, central points at the airport where everything is dealt with in one go. We are now a few months down the line and the busy summer holiday period is over, so it is an ideal time to evaluate whether the objectives have been achieved.

Schiphol is satisfied

Let's get straight to the point. According to Schiphol, the objectives have been achieved. One of the goals was for 95% of economy travellers to pass the security check within 10 minutes. Not counting the initial problems at start-up, we can say this goal has been achieved. 

In addition, the aim was to resolve a number of logistical problems. In the former situation, once travellers had passed the final security check at the gate, they passed through to the 'internal zone' of the airport and could no longer leave. As planes are getting bigger in size, these 'internal zone' were becoming full. As a result, it took travellers longer to report to the gate, causing potential delays to flights. According to Schiphol, the new security check has reduced the number of delays. Although figures are available for this, Schiphol is not willing to share them with us. 

Security as a service

In addition to these fixed objectives, the purpose of the central security check was also to introduce the concept of security as a service. As part of this concept, the security service has been set up to be smarter and more traveller-friendly. One example is that travellers can overtake one another, which is particularly useful for business travellers who often get irritated by the more dithering types of passengers. Another advantage is that all the checks are dealt with at the central security check. Travellers can then relax in the duty-free area and, after shopping, board their plane immediately. 

What do you think?

In a nutshell, Schiphol is very pleased with the new central security check. But what do travellers themselves think? We'd love to know what you think about Schiphol's new security check. Have you experienced problems and do you think there is room for improvement, or does it work fine and you couldn't imagine a better process? You can submit your response at the bottom of this blog. I look forward to hearing from you!

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