Save money with airline ticket options

We receive requests from clients nearly every day asking if we can temporarily book airline tickets on option. This is the perfect way to reserve a seat while asking for final confirmation from the organization to book the trip. However, in practice this presents challenges, as airlines often want quick confirmation about whether a ticket is sold or not.

Options quickly expire

Airlines present different possibilities for options on airline tickets. Some carriers will hold an option for 24 hours, others for 36 hours, while some carriers only hold an option for a few hours. Low-cost airlines do not even offer this service. It is within the rights of airline companies to set their own limits for this, but it often creates a lack of clarity for travellers and booking agents at companies. 

Added value of a TMC

Travel Management Companies can play an important role in this process. They serve as the link between the airline and the traveller and should advise and support the customer when placing tickets on option. They also need to monitor when options expire. The customer is king after all, and should not be inconvenienced by the terms and conditions set by airline companies. 

Efficient bookings

The keyword here is ‘communication’. It is the responsibility of the TMC to inform the booking agent about the expiration of the option. It is then up to the booking agent or client to quickly make a decision about whether or not a ticket should be booked. As the expiration of options can incur higher costs, we should strive for an efficient booking process and ensure that all parties profit from a booking.

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