Nothing is as unpredictable as the life of an internationally well-known artist

Artists who are on tour have exhausting schedules. A flexible travel manager is therefore needed.

The festival season has begun once again. Every weekend there is a music festival or other major event somewhere in the Netherlands, attended by thousands of people. One big worry for festival organizers - and festivalgoers! - is that one of the acts could cancel at the last minute. And it does sometimes happen. Behind the scenes, many processes are then set in motion. Schedules need to be switched around, and a new act of the same calibre needs to be booked quickly and flown in. It is wonderful when at such stressful moments you can count on a partner that can provide assistance and support.

Dealing with complex touring schedules

Artists who are on tour have exhausting schedules. They're performing in Ibiza one night, giving a show in New York the next day and then travelling to the Netherlands for a television appearance. The interests of the artists weigh heavily. Money is earned through live performances, and bands really don't want to disappoint fans. Everything needs to work according to schedule. Flight delays are just not an option, and long waits at airports do not do anything for the mood or frame of mind of the artists in question. If an extra festival is unexpectedly added to this tight schedule, it means a challenge. To ensure a good solution, you need to know your sector inside and out, you need good agreements and arrangements in place with airlines and you need to be really good at logistical puzzles.

Specialized in travel for the music industry

Munckhof has a dedicated team in Amsterdam to deal with the situations described above, specializing in arranging travel for the music and fashion industries as well as events. This team sees a challenge in offering solutions when tour schedules change. If an artist is already travelling, the team is ready to spring into action. After all, nothing is as unpredictable as the life of an internationally well-known artist. Efficiency is also taken into account. As artists' tour schedules run parallel to each other, we can combine flights and possibly even conjure up encounters that result in musical collaborations.

Ensuring that the music goes on

Our task is to ensure that no stage is left empty at a festival. Festivalgoers should be able to enjoy their favourite bands and artists without a care in the world; on the other hand, the bands and artists themselves need to be able to complete their tours as efficiently as possible, with no worries or problems, and the management needs to be able to rely on the Travel Management Company fulfilling its responsibilities and being ready to assist 24/7. I look forward to taking on the challenge and organizing all this for you.

I wish you a wonderful time this festival season. Who knows, maybe we will bump into each other somewhere.

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