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When you first visit New York, you'll no doubt visit all the famous sights. If you've been before, however, why not try something new?

We all know New York is famous for its Times Square, the Manhattan skyline, Central Park and Broadway. And even if you've never been before, it still looks familiar from television series like CSI New York, Sex and the City and Friends. In short, New York is a magnet for visitors and also makes an interesting destination for a group trip or incentive.

First-time visitors will undoubtedly visit the most popular tourist sights, but there are still plenty of original attractions for groups already familiar with the city.

Original excursions and restaurants in New York for your group:

  • A Look at New York Law Enforcement;¬†
    Visit the criminal neighbourhoods of The Bronx and Harlem accompanied by two experienced police officers.
  • A Taste of New York
    Take a culinary tour of New York to taste the wide range of delights that the different neighbourhoods have to offer. Try cheese and salami at a family market in Little Italy, dumplings in Chinatown or a New York Bagel at Grand Central, or visit the Chelsea Market etc.
  • Lunch in een bankkluis
    Enjoy a delicious burger lunch in the original JP Morgan bank vault.
  • Ontvangst door bucketdrummers¬†
    On arrival at your hotel, you'll be able to enjoy a private concert given by a group of bucket drummers.

If you would like to become better acquainted with New York, the city that never sleeps, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will organize a group trip for you that you'll never forget!

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Wil Poels regelt met haar team al uw groepsreizen en incentives naar New York en andere wereldbestemmingen
Wil Poels
Office Manager Munckhof Groups Desk
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