Let's talk about the weather!

The weather is undoubtedly the most popular topic of conversation in the Netherlands. Whether it's raining, snowing, hot or cold, we talk about the weather every day. The weather has a big impact on our daily lives and can also influence international travel. How do we, as a corporate travel organization, handle this?

Taking a proactive approach to weather conditions

As a travel management company, it's our job to take weather conditions into account and inform our clients accordingly. Several months ago, a storm swept across the Netherlands. Fewer flights departed from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport due to the strong winds and incoming flights were rerouted to other airports. During a situation like this, we immediately determine which of our clients will be affected and contact them to discuss their options. In some cases, the entire trip has to be rescheduled using the special rebooking agreement we have with airlines. We can also rebook a trip through a different airport, such as Düsseldorf or Brussels. A third option is to use an alternative form of transportation. During the aforementioned storm, we quickly rebooked travellers headed to London on the Eurostar – the high-speed train to London – which allowed them to reach their destination in time.

Managing expectations

It's hard to predict tomorrow's weather, let alone next month's weather. In order to keep all possible weather conditions in mind, we analyse the climate during specific periods when booking trips. Allow me to give you an example: snow storms are extremely common in the north-eastern United States during the winter months. These storms often disrupt air travel at airports in Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia. For this reason, we advise clients who have a stop-over in one of these cities on their way to Los Angeles or San Francisco to fly through the south, such as Dallas or Houston. We may not be able to predict the weather, but we can manage expectations.

Solving problems

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to determine in advance how the weather will affect corporate travel. The weather can change in a heartbeat. In cases like this, our clients can rely on our 24/7 standby service. Our colleagues help travellers immediately by exploring alternative travel options or booking an extra hotel stay.

As you can see, the weather is not only a popular conversation topic, it also keeps us on our toes!

Manouk van der Beek
Manouk van der Beek
Office Manager
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