International marine travel

The Netherlands is well known for its shipping. Dutch ships can be found in all corners of the world, many of which are away for a long time and change crew frequently. Arranging travel for these crew members is an important task that requires knowledge, creativity and flexibility. Allow me to explain why.

What's the difference?

Unlike conventional corporate travel, travel for seamen is often a one way trip. They often stay on the ship for long periods and don't know when they will be returning. They also don't know where they will be returning from. Seamen also tend to have a lot of baggage. Whether it's filled with extra clothes for the long journey or the tools they need on the ship, one bag simply isn't enough.

Different approach

The differences between standard travel and marine travel also requires the travel management company to take a different approach. Ships can be found all over the world, which calls for a certain measure of creativity when booking flights. What's more, these travel plans are often subject to change. If a ship is delayed or the route has been changed, all flights must be changed at the last minute. As this rarely concerns typical flights or routes, arranging the necessary transport is an interesting challenge.

Special rates

One-way trips tend to be more expensive than round trips. As an expert in marine travel, we can offer our customers special rates and more flexible conditions. In many cases, our clients can change or cancel a flight at no additional cost and check in extra baggage. 

In order to stay in touch with our clients and get a good feeling for our industry, we opened offices in Schiedam and Delfzijl. These offices overlook the harbours, which helps us anticipate developments and we speak the language of our seafaring clients.

Arranging travel for seamen is incredibly dynamic. You need to be able to respond quickly, book trips to unusual destinations and maintain contact with the seamen. I love my job and the daily experience it offers. Have you experienced our special marine fares yet?

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