How safe are business travellers?

Since 8 July 2014, all passengers taking direct flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the United States must remove small electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and cameras from their hand luggage and demonstrate that these can be switched on.

This measure was implemented following an increased terrorism threat in the United States, but is nothing new. Since 9/11 and the recent crash of flight MH17, the threat of terrorism has been keenly felt in the aviation industry.

How do business travellers perceive this threat? In our experience, the average Dutch business traveller approaches the issue with a healthy dose of common sense. They are self-reliant and vigilant and, while they experience the extra security checks as a bit of a nuisance, they do give a sense of security.

But the threats don't stop when you arrive at your destination. Dutch employers have a legal duty of care to their employees, which includes their business travellers. Many employers fulfil this duty by exclusively doing business with reputable airlines. Others argue that adequate travel insurance is sufficient.

What many people tend to overlook, however, is that danger lurks on every street corner, even in the seemingly safe West. Often, this is not a result of terrorism, but rather of petty crime or health risks. The old adage that prevention is better than cure therefore applies. We recommend giving your business travellers the right instructions before they leave. This can include mandatory use of taxis instead of public transport, leaving valuable items at home or in the hotel room or avoiding unaccompanied travel. To stay up to date on the latest developments for business travellers, consult our weekly Global Risk Round Up.

If you'd like to learn more about duty of care, codes of conduct or safety instructions for your business travellers, contact your travel management company for advice.

How does your organization ensure the safety of its business travellers?

Pieter van Hout
Pieter van Hout
Result Manager
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