Duty of care: The responsibility of the employer

Part of a company's duty of care is to ensure the well-being of its business travellers. When travelling for an employer, travellers can be exposed to potential risks like terrorism, criminality, natural disasters, diseases and accidents. In my opinion, employees should be able to rely on their employers in cases like these.

Although crisis situations are rare, organizations should develop policies that cover their duty of care to their employees. This can help employers minimize the risk of incidents and accidents. For example, it's important to make sure employees are aware of the laws and the risks at their destination. Employers can also opt to develop an online tool to track their employees. This creates a reliable duty of care culture that contributes to a pleasant travel experience and the overall satisfaction of employees.

The Ebola virus is raging in several countries around the world. At a time like this, employers must inform their employees about the potential risks they face when travelling to affected countries. The element of surprise is not something employees should have to face. If this is unavoidable, the employer needs to be prepared to handle it.

An involved and committed employee is extremely valuable to a company. This is only enhanced when the duty of care is properly arranged during business trips. What is your organization's duty of care policy?

Tim Rietbergen
Tim Rietbergen
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