What we find most reassuring is that the quality certificates are kept up to date.

Historizon is the Dutch market leader in historical holidays. They link holiday travel with exciting Dutch history, with destinations in the Netherlands, Europe and other countries and regions with an historic link to the Netherlands. Historizon offers customers a high-quality holiday, with the specific theme explained in detail by experienced professors, historians and writers. Equally as important is the process itself, in which service and safety are key.

Touringcarvervoer en vliegtickets

'We entered into a partnership with Munckhof many years ago,' says Piet Segers, director of Historizon. 'We initially contacted Munckhof for bus transport. When we first started our company, we decided to outsource our logistics as much as possible and find an experienced partner who could arrange this for us. Munckhof came out on top! We collaborate on bus transport throughout Europe and plane tickets to destinations around the world. We are currently looking into the possibility of arranging taxi transport to take our customers to and from their destination points.'

Quality certificates

'What makes Munckhof so unique is their flexible approach and quick response time. They are always open to discussing alternatives. They schedule the same drivers for us as much as possible, which makes arranging trips that much easier. When we book airline tickets, we receive reminders about the deadlines. This prevents us from incurring any financial problems. What we find most reassuring is that the quality certificates are kept up to date.'


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