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It's nice to know that you can rely on an organization 24/7 when you're on a trip

The green sector is one of the most innovative, enterprising and important sectors in our country, which is why the government has declared Agri & Food and Horticulture & Propagation Materials as undisputed top sectors. Citaverde College in the province of Limburg offers pre-vocational secondary education and intermediate vocational education programmes in the green sector. The institute helps students discover their talents by combining theory with practice.

Group trip to the United States

Citaverde College was looking for a travel agency to help them organize a study trip to the United States when they contacted Munckhof. The travel party consisted of twenty-five students and the purpose of the trip was to show students one of the world's richest agricultural regions.

Programme tailored to students

The schedule and the company visits were determined based on the students' academic programmes. 'We determine the schedule and consult with Munckhof to see whether any additions can be made,' says Henk Beijers. 'After the programme is approved, they book the flights and contact the motels.'

A solution for everything

'We greatly value Munckhof's involvement and support. With group trips it's important that everything is arranged in detail and that there's someone we can contact if we need to. We've had students forget their passports in the past. Munckhof is there to help us continue our trip without delays,' adds Beijers.

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