Munckhof to relocate to Innovatoren

In November, Munckhof will relocate to the Innovatoren in Venlo. The Munckhof Business Travel office, currently located in the Venlo Trade Port, will occupy the entire second floor of the striking Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. After the relocation, some 35 Munckhof employees will work at this location. Munckhof Business Travel employees organize international corporate travel (airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc.) and multi-day group travel for regional companies. In addition to the Venlo branch, Munckhof has 23 other branches throughout the Netherlands.

Sustainable development

The Innovatoren symbolizes innovation and sustainable development in the region. Munckhof fully supports this vision and is proud to relocate to this prominent building. 'Sustainability and innovation are essential ingredients to the future of companies,' explains Tom Roefs, CEO of Munckhof. 'To stand still is to move backwards, so you have to stay in motion. The Innovatoren houses sustainable and innovative companies that strengthen one another. That's why I'm pleased with the long-term agreement we made with Greenport Venlo for relocating the Munckhof Business Travel office to this beautiful building.'

Green environment

In addition to the Innovatoren, the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is an equally inspiring environment. 'We have great memories of this area, as we organized all of the transport for the 2012 Floriade. This area remained green and creative long after the event ended. The combination of business, nature, education and recreation is a powerful one and is an arena in which we feel comfortable. We very much look forward to relocating here in mid-December,' says Roefs.

Economic boost

The Province of Limburg, the initiator behind the campus, is also pleased with the arrival of Munckhof. 'The Innovatoren will gain a high-quality company with the arrival of Munckhof,' says Twan Beurskens, Member of the Provincial Executive for Economy & Knowledge Infrastructure for the Province of Limburg . 'Munckhof will provide an economic boost to Greenport Venlo, which values business. These modern workplaces will enable the company to excel.'

Ruud Heugten, director of Ontwikkelbedrijf Greenport Venlo, agrees, adding: 'Greenport Venlo is looking for a mix of companies that complement, support, inspire and challenge one another. In this light, Munckhof shares the innovative nature of the region.'

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