Munckhof to provide corporate taxi transport for Erasmus University

After winning the tender, Munckhof will provide corporate taxi transport for Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The contract involves providing transportation for members of the university's Executive Board and for university guests. The contract will enter into force on 1 August.

Most economically advantageous submission

The university praised Munckhof's submission for being the most economically advantageous. They also praised Munckhof for quality aspects such as communication, transparency and its client-oriented approach using regular drivers.

Specialist in corporate transport

Munckhof has emphatically focused on its corporate taxi transport in recent months. 'Munckhof has focused on corporate taxi transport for several years now, but has taken even greater strides since the acquisition of Verstraaten Personenvervoer in September 2014 and the addition of a few new Teslas,' explains Jos Poortinga, director of Munckhof Taxi. 'We are proud that Erasmus University Rotterdam acknowledges this and has entrusted us to perform this task.'

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