Munckhof acquires Ridderkerkse Taxi Centrale

Munckhof has taken over all the activities of Ridderkerkse Taxi Centrale (RTC).

Munckhof has taken over all the activities of Ridderkerkse Taxi Centrale (RTC). The taxi company went into liquidation last week. Munckhof will keep most of the employees and the fleet and will continue operations in Ridderkerk under the name Munckhof Taxi. With this acquisition, Munckhof is strengthening its position as one of the biggest passenger transport companies in the Netherlands.


RTC went into liquidation last week due to financial problems the company had been facing. Several attempts to financially stabilize the company failed, making liquidation inevitable. The relaunch by Munckhof is a logical step. 'Munckhof is responsible for various forms of transport in the municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk,' explains Jos Poortinga, director of Munckhof Taxi. 'The continuity of our services is essential. By acquiring a branch in this region, we can guarantee our services now and in the future.'

Job retention

Munckhof will keep many of the original RTC employees as part of the acquisition. 'At least 45 RTC employees will be kept on. These are familiar faces who have provided customer transport over the years. For customers, nothing will change,' says Poortinga.


Munckhof is known for taking on the role of director in complex transport issues. 'Munckhof organizes transport for governments and healthcare institutions throughout the Netherlands,' explains Poortinga. 'We coordinate 1,100 taxis every day, often in collaboration with local companies but also using our own vehicles. In the Ridderkerk region, most of the transport will be carried out using our own vehicles.'

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