Multi-day group trips and bus transport for Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences to be taken care of by Munckhof

Munckhof has won the tender for the arrangement of group travel - including multi-day trips - and single-day bus transport for Fontys Universities of Applied Sciences.

In the case of group travel (including multi-day trips) Munckhof arranges the travel and accommodation of students with the lecturers and other Fontys staff accompanying them. In principle, the transport will be in coaches but on occasion transport can be arranged by aeroplane, train or boat. Travel takes place from and to various locations within Europe and neighbouring regions (including northern Africa). As an extension of this, Munckhof also arranges overnight stays, transport and group activities or facilities on location. Between 50 and 70 group trips are organized every year.

Alongside the multi-day trips, Munckhof also takes care of regular coach transport for groups of staff and/or students to and from various locations within the Netherlands and outside.

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