Buyers: go to relationship counselling!

A core task of buyers is to purchase products and services at the lowest possible cost. After all, lower costs contribute directly to the company's financial performance. While understandable, this focus is largely internally oriented. If buyers take the joint interests of the organisation and the supplier into closer consideration, particularly the relationship between the two, the partnership will be more profitable in the long term.

What’s in it for we?

Kate Vitasek is a researcher at the University of Tennessee with a specialization in vested outsourcing. According to her research, there should be a greater focus on building a relationship than making a profitable deal. Organizations and their suppliers should develop a shared vision that focuses on 'What's in it for we' instead of 'What's in it for me'.*

A foundation built on mutual trust

By entering into a partnership with a supplier, you are pursuing a joint goal with the aim of achieving the best possible results. Our advisory role is an important part of the services we provide. When we receive a travel request, we always explore all of the opportunities and closely examine the travel policy and the culture of the organisation. Based on this, we provide the organisation with the best possible advice and the best options. Real-time dashboards and savings reports give both us and the client continuous insight into savings and allow us to made adjustments as necessary. Mutual trust forms the foundation of our partnership. We always uphold the travel policy agreed on with the organization and document this in an SLA. This means the organization's travellers and booking agents no longer have to spend time examining, booking or checking corporate travel

Working on a good relationship

Our result managers enter into a collegial relationship with our clients. They do not hold meetings and discussions because the contract says so; they do so as part of a real partnership! Meetings are held to discuss wishes and expectations, as well as to pose critical questions and dispense advice about developments. The added value of purchasing is to build an optimal relationship with suppliers. Unfortunately, we still see too often that buyers view our services as an inevitable expense. To counter this misconception, we show them how things can be done differently!

*Source: Deal!, December 2016, Purchasing in 2020: three trends

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