Agro Reizen

We really appreciate the contact with Munckhof before the trip and the driver's involvement during the trip.

Agro Reizen is the leading travel agency for the agricultural sector, and most of its travel customers have a background or an interest in this field. Agro Reizen arranges bus and air travel to destinations both within and outside Europe. The company books visits to both tourist destinations and agricultural destinations for each trip. In addition to its own range of agricultural tours, Agro Reizen also organizes trips for readers of magazines like Trekker, Het Schaap and Landleven as part of its Boerderij Lezersreizen section.

Coach transport

Agro Reizen partners with Munckhof for coach tours. Munckhof coaches and drivers are used for organized group holidays in Europe. Munckhof employees also brainstorm with Agro Reizen on the practical details of the trip.

Dedicated company and involved drivers

Ton ter Horst, managing director at Agro Reizen, is extremely pleased with the collaboration. 'We really appreciate the contact with the organization before the trip and the driver's involvement during the trip.'

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