As our transport partner, Munckhof is responsible for transporting participants and visitors. We are extremely happy with this service.

With more than 20,000 participants a year, the Venloop is one of the top five most popular running events in the Netherlands. It also attracts an additional 7,000 walkers who participate in walking tours of varying distances. In the days leading up to these sport events, the Venloop organizes additional activities for all target groups, including pupils, senior citizens and people with disabilities. A Mood Market is also organized, which is an 'experience market' with more than 25 exhibitors active in the fields of sports, health, nutrition and/or leisure. The Venloop also organizes the Avond4Daagse, a four-day evening running event in Venlo, and trains talented Dutch runners as part of the Venloop Running Team.

Shuttle buses for visitors

Munckhof not only participated with its very own Munckhof Running Team and Munckhof Walking Team, it also organized a shuttle service to transport the 15,000 people between the car parks and the start/finish line. Everyone was transported to and from the event with the help of twelve shuttle buses. In the blog post titled, 'Smooth sailing for the Venloop', account manager Maarten Reinhard explained Munckhof's role as the Venloop's primary transport partner.

A service to be proud of

The Venloop organizers are extremely pleased with the collaboration with Munckhof over the years.

'As transport partner, Munckhof is responsible for transporting our participants and spectators to and from the two large car parks in the city and the event grounds. This is a service we and our participants are extremely pleased with. We are confident that this partnership will stand the test of time!' says director Wim Lensen.

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