Together we can beat this!

The transport sector has been heavily affected by the coronavirus crisis, and that means that Munckhof feels that impact too. In times when business as usual is a thing of the past and when even thinking outside the box no longer offers effective solutions, we have to be bold and dare to push the boundaries. We have to use all possible creativity, clout and innovation to find solutions to beat the crisis caused by coronavirus. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures and that means thinking without the box!

Innovative solutions in times of crisis

We have to start thinking differently and explore new options and possibilities. We must search for opportunities to work together and join forces. Munckhof is ready to take on this new challenge and wholeheartedly believes that we will overcome the economic impact caused by the coronavirus crisis. But we don't want to do this alone and are looking to create initiatives together with other organizations. And that is why we are calling on you!

Now that a large part of the regular work at Munckhof has come to a standstill, we are using all our expertise to tackle the impact of the coronavirus. We are assisting with medical transport, and our corporate travel agency is helping to repatriate students to the Netherlands. These are just a few examples, but we believe that there are many more opportunities to help one another.

Read more about our successful partnerships here

What can Munckhof offer?

  • 1,300 vehicles (passenger cars, minibuses and coaches; these can also be used for the transport of goods [see photos])
  • 1,500 drivers (who can be used for a wide variety of tasks)
  • A fully equipped call centre with 60 employees
  • 100 corporate travel specialists
  • An international corporate travel network with more than 40 members
  • Extensive logistics expertise
  • Fully equipped workshop with mechanics
  • 25 branches across the Netherlands
  • ‚Äč100% commitment to fighting the coronavirus crisis!

How can we help each other?

Do you have an idea of how we can use our expertise to assist in this current crisis? Are you or do you know of a company or organization that could use support? Then please contact us and we can search for a suitable win-win situation together.

Contact us using the form below. We will send you a reply within twelve hours.

A few examples of our successful partnerships

Now that our regular work has largely been discontinued for the time being, we are currently investigating the possibilities to increase how we can use our capacity together with other companies and organizations. This approach has led to unique partnerships between Munckhof and other parties. We have listed a few examples of this below:

Transport of coronavirus tests 

Munckhof currently transports coronavirus tests on demand for a large healthcare organization in the province of Limburg. This means that we pick up the tests at a depot and take them to the support centres of the healthcare organization. The conducted tests are then collected by us on demand and taken to the hospital's laboratories.

Transport of medical trolleys and PPE products

Munckhof currently also assists with the transport of medical trolleys (trolleys with healthcare products) and PPE products (personal protective equipment) from the logistics centre of a healthcare organization. These medical trolleys with healthcare products are essential and needed on a daily basis. Munckhof delivers these to what has now been designated as a coronavirus hotel. The PPE products are brought daily from a logistics centre to various home care organizations for supply. As soon as necessary, we will also provide support in filling the medical trolleys in the logistics centre and in order processing.  

Transport of disinfectant liquid

Munckhof provided the emergency transport of disinfectant liquid for a hospital. This disinfectant liquid is transported in jerrycans from a warehouse and then delivered to the hospital on the other side of the country. 

Repatriating students to the Netherlands

Our corporate travel agency has been successfully put to use to help large universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. By appealing to our wide network of airlines, we were able to safely and quickly repatriate students who were abroad on work placements to the Netherlands.

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Frequently asked questions

For which types of companies or organizations is Munckhof searching?

We are able to assist almost all profit and non-profit companies and organizations.

How quickly can you get to work?

We can almost certainly start immediately. We are able to respond quickly to requests, as our regular work has almost come to a complete standstill. 

Can I submit ideas/proposals for other companies?

Yes please! We welcome all ideas. Submit your idea using the form on this page.

In which areas of the Netherlands can Munckhof provide support?

View the map for an overview of our branches. With 25 branches spread across the Netherlands, Munckhof is able to provide support almost anywhere in the country. We'll be happy to explore the possibilities together.

When can I expect a reply?

We will contact you within twelve hours.